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At some point in our lives we all encounter difficulties. We each have unique experiences of these struggles and at times they can feel overwhelming. Experience and research lets us know that therapy can help. You may seek therapy if you feel stressed, anxious or struggle with low mood. You might find yourself affected by current or past experiences related to work, the home or relationships. Or it might be that you simply long for a confidential space to be heard and understood. Counselling and psychotherapy can help wherever you are in your life, including areas of…


~ Anxiety and panic attacks ~ Big life transitions  ~ Depression and low mood ~ Eating difficulties ~ Grief,  loss and bereavement ~ Overwhelming emotions Personal growth ~ Search for meaning Sexuality and relationships ~ Shame, low self-esteem, guilt ~ Trauma and abuse


How I work: the person-centred approach

My core training is in the person-centred approach, which holds the value of the therapeutic relationship at its core. Offering empathy and being genuine and non-judgemental can create a safe space for you to be heard and accepted. This in turn can nurture empowerment and self-acceptance within yourself. 


I aim to offer calm grounding at a time that might be troubling or distressing for you, and can be with your life experiences without expectation or judgement. I hope to maintain a presence towards you that is warm and understanding. To provide care and support, I sensitively attune to your feelings and needs. Through empathic holding we can notice and attend to the difficulties that you might be facing. Careful listening can help you to feel understood and discover parts of yourself. If you struggle to connect to yourself and others, noticing your feelings can help you to develop self-acceptance and connection. Either way, wherever you are in your life, I am open to hearing from you and seeing if there is a way we can work together to support you. 

How counselling can help


~ Attend to fears and insecurities ~ Become better connected to self and others ~ Increase self-acceptance ~ Increase self-awareness  ~ Relieve feelings of stress and anxiety 

Safely explore life experiences 




I am a registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and follow their set of Ethical Guidelines. I hold a Masters degree from Strathclyde University in Person Centred Experiential Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have talking professions liability insurance and registration with the Information Commissioners Office. I undertake regular private supervision alongside group supervision and hold all client information and sensitivities with confidentiality and under the GDPR 2018 guidelines.


I have experience in community work, which inspired me to move into therapeutic work. I wanted to help people in a more consistent and committed way. Working therapeutically fulfils my need to be fully present with others and myself, and to provide the best care and service that I can. I have a particular interest in trauma and body-based approaches to therapy and continue to develop my training in this area. Outside of therapy, I love gardening, the outdoors, art, cycling and yoga. My background is in art and community enterprises, and I am currently a co-director of an outdoor forest nursery.


Sessions are currently

taking place online via Zoom

30 minute free initial consultation

£35 per 1 hour session

If you find that money will be a barrier

to having a session then I am open to discussing a concession fee that works

for both of us



Based in Glasgow. Working only online during Covid-19.


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